• 1,050 HP Audi RS7 Hits 100 km/h In 2.4 Seconds

    3 monthes ago - By Zero 2 Turbo

    When you hope in the stock Audi RS7 , you will probably be rather impressed with its performance considering it packs 591 hp and 800 Nm of torque from a twin-turbocharged, hybridised 4.0-litre V8.
    So what if you crank one of these rockets up to 1,050 hp? Well, you get a missile but not only is it rapid it sounds completely furious.
    The video claims to showcase the worlds fastest Audi RS 7 and even if that is not completely accurate, we think it might be the loudest. Thanks to a free-flowing MG Motorsport exhaust paired with a PowerDivison downpipe this C8 Audi RS7 sounds incredible.
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