• 2018 Motorcycling Wishlist

    One year ago - By Tim's Motorcycle Diaries

    The 2018 wish list...
    Some things to get deeper into motorcycling in the next year:
    Ford Transit Van :
    $53,472 + some more in accessories.
    A means of moving bikes south in the winter to ride year round as well as a way to take off road or race ready bikes to interesting locations where I can exercise them.
    The bonus would be to get all Guy Martin with it.
    Become an off-road ninja:
    Step 1: Get the kit: A KTM 690 Enduro , the best all round off-roader that can also get you there.
    $11,999 + some soft panniers for travel.
    Step 2: Get good at off-roading with lessons at SMART Adventures!...
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