• Watch POV Video Of Bugatti Chiron Hitting 417 KM/H On The Autobahn

    12 days ago - By Zero 2 Turbo

    In December last year, we shared a video clip of a Bugatti Chiron owner taking his hypercar onto the Autobahn and pushing it to the limit.
    They managed to hit 414 km/h in July last year and this is what the owner Radim Passer had to say in the description of the POV video ;
    Many people have asked that we share raw footage from the GoPro from inside the car during the Top Speed test and so we did. We hope you enjoy the ride, this time from a different perspective.
    It is July 2021, and it's been six years since our last trip to the Autobahn near Wittenberg, Germany. We have been to this city...
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