• 2021 Renault Kiger Review Power of 10

    2 days ago - By Auto Savvy

    When it comes to sub-4-metre SUVs everything's been said and done. The usual slew of adjectives - sporty, premium, rugged have been worn down. After all, today there are nine very capable options to choose from. Actually, the arrival of the rounds that off nicely to 10. Does the car that completes the set, and also has the advantage of having watched the others for the longest, come across as the complete sub-4-metre SUV? And what makes it complete? Let's check out ten things that should tell us exactly that Price With the Kiger's introductory prices starting from Rs 5.45 lakh for the base...
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  • 2021 Renault Kiger Review: POWER OF 10

    2021 Renault Kiger Review: POWER OF 10

    2 days ago - By Auto Savvy

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