• Goodyear tires that don't wear used at both Michigan races

    2 monthes ago - By NASCAR notes

    Who needs to change tires when there's no dropoff in speeds? Tire: Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials
    Set limits:
    Cup - Saturday: 6 sets for the race;
    Cup - Sunday: 6 sets for the race;
    Truck: 4 sets for the event
    Tire Codes:
    Left-side - D-4976;
    Right-side - D-4978
    Tire Circumference:
    Left-side - 2,224 mm ;
    Right-side - 2,252 mm
    Minimum Recommended Inflation:
    Left Front - 19 psi; Left Rear - 19 psi;
    Right Front - 52 psi; Right Rear - 48 psi
    Storyline - Popular tire set-up adds a shortcut for Michigan car set-ups: For the third time in five race weekends, NASCAR Cup teams will run the same...
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